Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Hire

There are many benefits to renting a car, especially if you are travelling to a new city. A rental can be the best option for a business traveller, as it enables you to rent a cars for a cheaper price than if you were to travel by public transport. But there are also some downsides of renting cars that you need to consider before deciding whether to rent cars or to travel in a different way. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using rental cars.

One of the advantages of renting a car is that you are able to travel within your travel budget. Using a rental car will save you money on accommodation and airfares so you can travel within your budget. For example, when you travel by public transport, you may be charged more for accommodation and travel time and the cost of eating and drinking on board the trains or buses. If you are staying in a hotel or paying for public transport, the cost of using this mode of transport can add up very quickly and become unaffordable.

The cost of renting cars is lower than that of public transport. However, the cost of the car will depend on how long you want the rental and what type of car you are choosing. The cost of renting a car is based on a variety of factors including the length of time you plan to use the car, the model of the car and the cost of repairs. Because these factors vary according to the car rental company you choose, it is important to research the price of rental cars and compare prices to find the best deal.

There are two types of rental cars; the hire-car rental. The majority of rental cars are hired cars because the majority of the cars in service today are hired cars. Rental cars, however, is becoming a more popular means of transport for business travellers. It is a lot easier and cheaper than using public transport and it can enable you to enjoy a more leisurely journey.

The cost of renting a car can be very expensive when you get a number of cars. The costs can also rise if you are renting a car for more than one person and you need to split the cost of the car between yourself and your passengers. But this should not stop you from using rental cars, as it is cheaper and easier to split the cost with other people.

Car hire insurance will protect you against damage to the car, theft or damage to the interior and exterior of the car. With car hire insurance, if the car is damaged in any way the insurance company will replace the car and provide you with the costs of the damages. It is important to ensure that you have the correct insurance cover for your trip before booking the car.

As well as the cost of renting a car, you need to consider the maintenance cost of the car. Make sure you choose a car that is affordable and is serviced regularly to minimise the expenditure of maintenance. Look at the maintenance costs of other cars you are considering renting in order to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Rental cars are becoming an increasingly popular means of travel. It is cheaper and easier to travel by car than by public transport and it allows you to stay within your travel budget. Renting a car can provide you with a fun and exciting way to experience a new city.

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  2. What a beautiful video and place in Oriegon. Great example of a man fly fishing and his fight for public lands. A veteran too who served our country with honor.

    I have never fly fished before, but after seeing this video, it REALLY looks exciting. Thank you.

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  5. thanks for making this enthralling video. footage included shots that i can learn from in terms of feeding trout. only complaint was boner central specifically rod throwing guy.

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  7. Such a cool piece of film…I like how you guys gave it some warm music to contrast the cold fishing conditions 🙂

  8. My soul desires this fix and for you to do this dark undercover report making it sound like I can’t stop isn’t really fair. I hide my face in shame but only because we all hide our pain. Why don’t you look in a mirror buddy. You want to make me a social outcast? I saw guys at the Orvis store in Raleigh buying Drys yesterday, yeah the SAME two guys I saw buying street streamers last week. We all do it just admit it! I can’t stand Hippocrates!

    Get a life…


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  16. Sweet. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could bring back some of teh old tapes, like Selective Trout and Borger’s various vids.

  17. This video captures the essence of fly fishing! Although my passion is exercised in more mundane environments (eastern Pennsylvania), a guy can dream…..

  18. This has to be a goal now that I’ve gotten into fly fishing. Would love to do some steelhead fishing one day!

  19. Watched the Fall Run video and got totally stoked to go steelhead fishing again. (been going for 20+ years religiously, but recently purchased an Orvis rod and the experience has changed) My whole family loved it, including the wife, and the 5 and 9 year old daughters. So for my son’s 20th birthday I took him steelhead fishing for his second time, and we both caught one in the first half hour of fishing. Couldn’t have been a better experience. Sure would like a new Orvis fly rod, I own one but LOVE to own a Helios….

  20. Love these videos. Need to watch less of these and do more of my schoolwork. Great work, great fish, and a great site.

  21. Beautiful photography! Spending time on our rivers in the Pacific Northwest with friends is one of life’s best moments and are the times we will remember for years.

  22. this video has put to words every feeling that i can never find the way to explain to people! amazing

  23. Incredibly intense video. The effort to get to a prime spot and then the teamwork needed to land such a wonderful fish. Good job!!!!

  24. Absolutely amazing video from the scenery to the wildlife and everything in between! That one scene where they landed that fish and we’re passing the rod back and forth was pretty awesome… talk about team work! Makes me want to get out there even more than normal which is almost impossible 😉 I had the opportunity to cast an Orvis Helios and it truly is an amazing rod… I just wished I could afford it so until I win the lottery I will continue to try my hand at winning one so here’s to wishful thinking! Thanks for the video fellow fisherman… tight lines!

  25. I love how Todd can convey the feeling of being right there on the water with him through his filming and narration!
    Thanks for the video!

  26. There’s no way to look at the nature in this video and not be called to it. No need to be an angler, but it helps, and I’m lucky enough to be one.

  27. Great stuff! Thanks to Orvis for your great products, and for your continued support for the sport we love! Friday is my favorite day of the week for no other reason that a new edition of the Friday Film Festival.

  28. What a Beautiful place to fish and what an incredible adventure caught on film! Thank You for capturing that and sharing it with us!

  29. Looks like so much fun on the video. The fishing rod will be great here on the Eagle River in Colorado. Thanks.

  30. Great video, unbelievable action, I can almost feel myself chasing that Steelie down stream! Setting the bar very high!

  31. I loved this video. My girlfriend and I just started getting into flyfishing. We are dreaming of finding spots that are deep in the woods like tho one you guys found. What a great sport. I can’t wait to see the next video you guys do!

  32. Great video. Wish there were Steelhead here, but since I live in Kansas I have to get my fix thru videos like these. Thanks.

  33. Sweet video. I was worried one of them was going to take a plunge! That’s some solid teamwork there. Worth it for that fish 🙂 – Cheers, Michael

  34. Nice video. Love catching steelhead, it took me 3 years before I caught my 1st Atlantic Salmon in Scotland.

  35. This film is a true piece of art – breathtaking! I completely agree with the commentary regarding friendships.

  36. i wonder if this feels as magical and electric in my hand, as does my Sage VXP 7 and Galvan T6 Bronze combo?

  37. Go the distance! I love this video; these are the moments that made me fall in love with fly fishing!

  38. There are times when I would not go fishing if I had to go it alone- simply b/c moments like these are best shared with a friend. There is no better feeling in the world than really working for the Steelhead- hiking, searching, fishing, and then your hard works pays off when you finally land one. Also no better feeling when you have so much water to yourself! Great footage and great commentary!

  39. Breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t bring myself to call it a video. It’s art in motion and the music perfect. Amazing teamwork … These guys are awesome!

  40. I always got very frustrated as a non U.S. residence when I see this kind of “Win a …………”. When is Orvis doing a contest like this here in the Netherlands.

    Just one more thing “Keep up the good work!!!!! ”



  41. This new site is the very reason I do most of my shopping for fishing gear at Orvis. Great service, knowledgeable store help and great support via their websites. Bravo Orvis…love The Tug and the content you have provided us!

  42. The chase over the cliffs and under the logs was spectacular! It reminded me of my youth chasing steelies. Brought so many emotions to life in my heart. Awesome video! Thanks for making it!

  43. very nice vid. I like the comment about fishing with your buddy. I agree. Fishing is always best with someone to share the experience.

  44. Awesome video, all of them are, so it’s really no surprise. I immediately need to set out on an adventure like that. Thank you for bringing all of these videos to the public in this manor!

  45. Fantastic videos – “Awesome” seems like such a miniscule adjective to express the excellence of the videographies offered, however, there are no real adjectives to express the beauty of what is presented…keep up the great work, and the rest of us can live ‘like fishing experiences’ vicariously through your presentations!!!

  46. Awesome video that depicts the special relationship between the fly fisherman, the stream, and the fish.

  47. Second the the thought about fishing with a buddy. It is a social thing, a ritual thing, shared experience and all and you do want and need a witness!!

  48. Hooked into my first Steelhead in October. The fight is infectious. This video puts me on the water when I can’t be. Nice footage…….fish on.

  49. Videos are great. My daughter who is 25 now, begged for a rod/reel and waders when she was 10. Monte Stark who owned The Sporting LIfe in Memphis then helped me outfit her…. She recently graduated w/ a degree in wlldlife/fisheries management from Mississippi State. And she still loves to fish. Though she’s outgrown those first waders, she still reaches for her Orvis rods and reels… Thanks for giving her joy then… and now and for a lifetime!

  50. Love the video. I am starting my third year of fly fishing at age 65. Still making plans on fishing trips I would like to make while I still can.

  51. That was awesome! The videography was amazing. Nice use of the drone to get some beautiful pics. But the chase was just freakin awesome. Keep up the good work. I will be sharing this vid with my fishing buds.

  52. The location. The fish. The casting. The quality of video both shooting and production.
    Some people watch football. For some it’s car racing.
    I was on the edge of my seat rooting for these guys as they climbed and slid and passed the rod back and forth.
    Great film

  53. I am relatively new to fly fishing. Its videos like this that are truly inspirational to watch. THe first time I watched this video I grabbed my rods and just went out to the water. Great work guys I truly enjoy the videos you are making!

  54. Annother awesome video! I’m moving to western Washington and can’t wait to swing some flies in hop of feeling the tug of a Stealhead.

  55. Wish I could be catching those steelhead. But great lakes steelhead will have to do for now…

  56. Amazing!! I just moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly fish!! I wish I could afford to get into it lol Awesome teamwork to land that second steelhead, and the colors on that first one were incredible!! One of these days…

  57. Great video, had to make plans to hit my local steelhead stream this weekend after watching this. Thanks!

  58. I enjoyed the teamwork aspect of chasing down that steelhead. This gets me excited for my first Pacific Northwest winter. It would be well spent with the Helios 2 😛

  59. While I am warm in my home… I was able to fulfill my dreams of wetting a line, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. With appreciation and joy, I caught and released gorgeous steelhead.
    Fly fishing inspires me and keeps me connected to nature.
    Thank you for the adventure! =)

  60. Videos like this are what peaked my interest in fly fishing. This was a great representation of what it really means to be on the water chasing these amazing creatures.

  61. Truly an amazing video. One of the best, if not THE best fishing video I’ve ever seen. This really makes me want to go after some steelhead.

  62. Good friends, beautiful country and beautiful fish. I have never fished the northwest, the emerald rain forest depicted make this tops on my must do list. Thank you for sharing, I was inspired.

  63. this is an amazing video and some amazing fishing. You all are truly blessed to be able to have that type of experience. the scenery you all are in is some of the most breathtaking places in the world to be able to fish in. keep on producing all the amazing videos and products.

  64. The fight at 9:00 reminds me alot of a fight me and a buddy had with a huge golden trout in MT. Good times!

  65. Outstanding video! Didn’t get a chance to fish steelhead this year (yet) on Elk Creek here in western PA, but the video makes me want to put down what I’m doing and get my gear together. Thanks for sharing it.

  66. That was some extreme traversing. Very high risk to do on your own. Goes to show that there’s nothing better then hiking deep into a remote area with you best buds for some safe fishing action. Great video.

  67. Nice collection of videos! I’ve been following Todd’s work for awhile and he’s an awesome addition to the Orvis site! Keep ’em coming!

  68. With footage like this, even if you’re not a fisherman, you have to love this video. Very well done! It’s even helped push me into getting a pair of waders for cooler weather here in Kentucky!

  69. Todd great video with some insane fishing for great fish. Clearly explains the saying “the tug is the drug”.

  70. Great steelhead video. Just getting ready for the season. I have to agree that just being out there is a great escape and a way to get centered.

  71. This was the greatest video. What dedication to landing that fish. Hiking deep into the woods, not afraid to get scale a wall and plunge into the river to catch a worthy steelhead!

  72. I really enjoyed this video. I’ve been binging on the Tug the last two weekends. Excellent website for orvis making the trifecta with the podcast, learning centre and now the Tug!

  73. What an awesome video, love the cinematography! I’ve always wanted to go and experience catching steelies, well done Todd.

  74. Awesome video! I’m just getting started and can’t wait to get more time in on rivers like this!


  75. Would love to win this for my son and grandson. They are avid fisherman and love this type of fishing. Your video is absolutely awesome-the techniques were superb and the footage was awesome. Really would love to win this for them-they deserve it!

  76. Great Stuff. Keep it coming.
    Was fishing Tarpon in PR in August. Wish I had a camera. Me and my youngest daughter were jumping baby tarpon all day. Come to end of the day, I’m stripping, see my leader coming up, go into back cast with my brand new first time using H2 8wt. You guessed it a 60lber hits in the middle of my back cast. The rod literally exploded.
    Tried to bring it in but with just two sections left of rod but the line snapped. Of course you guys did your thing and replaced the rod.

  77. Fantastic video. Great quality, great narration, and a wonderful summary of what fly fishing can and should be. Wonderful to see someone go to such lengths to successfully land a fish with beautiful finesse.

  78. I like what was said about the fellowship, but sometimes it is soul cleansing to be out by ones self. Ok, maybe not steel-heading! I was casting once and my fly hit the rocks and froze to them.

  79. what a wonderful film. I do love steelheading but the older I get the less adventurous I am. like dirty harry says ” a mans got to know his limitations” In my mind I can still run up and down mountains all day but the body says otherwise

  80. loved the steelhead video because I really like fishing with a friend… watching those two guys bucket brigade down stream was awesome!

  81. Great video, this site will be a big success! Hope to see more general teaching videos too, fly tying etc…

  82. So good I watched it twice. I have never seen casting like that. I have much to learn. The music is so complimentary, and takes me on a journey with the visuals, which are crystal clear. I would love to just follow with these guys and carry the spare battery packs and gear.

  83. Amazing video. I could not agree more on the social aspect of fishing. It’s a great feeling to have the stream to yourself, but there is no comparison to catching fish with a good buddy…

  84. What fantastic team effort on that last fish! No doubt we need eachother to reach success and completion of certain tasks. Truly awesome footage.

  85. Phenomenal cinematography & narration! It just drew me in and made me wish that I was there in the Great Outdoors with y’all!

  86. Great site and informative videos! I wish I knew how to flyfish and had a rod to do so with. Some day I hope..

  87. What an awesome video. This was well done and makes me want to get out of the office and head to the stream right now!!!

  88. Incredible video… It truly captures everything I like about the sport we love. The incredible scenery, the comradery, the unknown, the adventure, the challenge, the battle, the reward and the release. I love this sport…

  89. At first I thought “well, I’ll watch one and enter the contest”.

    Yeah, not so much: I am going to end up binge watching every single one of these, now. Just amazing!

  90. The Tug is easily my new favorite site to wonder about and this video is so far my favorite. Very well done.

  91. I feel sorry for people that don’t fish or hunt. They never really get the feeling of true friendship and team work. Fishing with friends should always be the preferred way to fish. Especially if you fish with good fishermen. It can be a joy to just sit on the shoreline and watch.

  92. couldn’t agree more just got back from a steelhead trip and right as u catch that one fish the addiction starts, the prize of holding one of this fish after hours of patience is uncomparable to any other fish in my opinion

  93. Really brings me back to the few times I cherished on The Brule River fishing steelies as a newbie! This video was amazing and awesome- definitely gets the blood flowing to be back in the water chasing after these elusive giants. Thanks for sharing a fantastic production Orvis! Helios 2!!

  94. Really excellent production quality, great editing, the complete package. Oh, and fabulous footage of a great day of fishing.

  95. Great vid. captures the reality/essence of steelheading. Gets me primed to get back out and hit the rivers. Thanks!!!!

  96. Amazing video!

    This reminds me of a couple of my close fishing friends and I, when we are on the water. Patience will get you hooked into the fish, teamwork will help you land it!

  97. Sick video!! I really dig watchingmTodd’s videos from this to Steelhead Dreams. He does some really cool stuff! Definitely gets me pumped to swing for chrome!

  98. I am an Orvis freak and a dedicated customer. But, I can honestly say this site is easier to work with. I will return to it. And, oh yeah, Todd Moen’s stuff is the best..Enjoyable to watch..

  99. Amazing! Gorgeous footage. Got chills when the Steelhead hit. Makes me want dust off the fly rod and get on some fish…any fish!

  100. The artistry in casting, videography, and the natural splendor leave me peeking through the gap in my closet door at my rod-case with an ache in my heart and drool on my keyboard; bend back the barbs, walk and stumble in sublime beauty, trusting your friend to keep that line taut, waltzing over rock faces and through swirling pools bringing her in, and, naturally, closing with a dip – but to be there…

  101. This was a very good video, it inspired me and showed me how two can work together and the catch of one. A fantastic video.

  102. This video has inspired me to move forward with my fly fishing and learn the ways of Spey! Can’t wait to get out on the salmon river in Idaho and catch big steelheads on the fly.

  103. This is seriously one of my favorite fly fishing videos of all time. I love the part where they pass the rod back and forth around the tree.

  104. Haha! Crazy fight. I’ve never fished for salmon before, looks like i should give it a try!

  105. Great video! I’m just back from an East Coast steelhead trip. Not the same kind of remote walk in but the excitement is the same. The videography and narrative were outstanding. I like having the bird and elk in there as well. Thanks.

  106. Wow – that is so different from a Lake Erie steelhead experience. I’m jealous. It’s so rare to be alone on the stream.

  107. No matter the time, no matter the weather or even the size of the fish you get or not; you’ll always remember those moments of passion you’ve shared near the river, with someone who gives echo to your voice while speaking of that “souvenir”. And that’s what fishing is all about, priceless peaces of a lifetime.

  108. Awesome story! Such a far cry from the steelhead fishing on the Niagara Frontier along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario tribs.

  109. Where excellent cinematography, social media, and steelhead porn collide!! Good work man, keep it up!

    Tight Lines

  110. The tag team chase of that steelhead was awesome. Amazed that they kept that fish on and landed it.

  111. Nothing beats chasing amazing fish! Awesome video that takes you right out of the work week and puts you on the water!

  112. It’s all about the adventure. Reminds me of playing around the gorge behind my house with my older brother back in the day.

  113. This is a beautiful video both the country as well as the fish. I’d love to go on a trip like this!


  114. “You never get to fish as many days as you’d like so you have to make the most of them.” This is so true. Just broke my first fly rod an old orvis graphite trout 6 weight. Went to send it in and it turns out its 28 years old. I got it when I was 7 from my uncle . I’ve had it for the past 13 years can’t wait to send her in and get it back out on the water.

  115. Heading up north this year to try my luck on some steelhead for the first time. I’ve been dying to feel that adrenaline rush they talk about. This video captures all the enjoyment of fishing and I love when they talk of just loving being out there and not expecting to catch fish. I’ve been told that motto since I began fly-fishing keep. Keep these videos coming they are great!

  116. Loved this video! Well made and inspiring. I wholeheartedly that it’s great to be fly fishing but it’s even more fun to share it with someone. Well done!

  117. Ahh love the fall fishing video. Makes me think of my time in Olympic national park on the Hoh river. No better hobby, would be great next time with a Hello 2 from Orvis!

  118. I love Todd’s video’s, and love what Orivs has done here for us. Orvis continues to make my life Better!
    Cheers and tight lines.

  119. Amazing film! The modern “river runs through it”. Captures the intense action and beauty of fishing for steel.

  120. What a spectacular film! Steelhead fishing with friends is truly one of my favourite activities.

  121. Watch these videos all the time on my “breaks” at work. Nice to have so many videos in one place. Good work guys!

  122. That was some dedication to bring in that salmon. And I would love to have a Helios 2 that I can use to search out fish like that.

  123. Awesome video. Can’t wait to do some of my own steelhead fishing this fall. My streams aren’t quite that scenic

  124. Man I can’t wait to get back to the States and be able to go somewhere like this and fish. I learned how to fly fish here in Japan and have only fished in the waters here. This video reminds me of all the fall colors at home in VA and how much I really miss it there…. One day, when I retire, I will live there again!!!

    Tight Lines!

  125. Jakob, Jeff, great work summing up why we hike into the woods and face danger. Why we spend more time finding that perfect spot than fishing, why we search for that right fly. From all the places I have seen and been there is nothing more peaceful than heading back home, packing up and going to the S. Blueridge for the weekend or just for a few hours. A very eloquent explanation of fishing accompanied by some spectacular and soul moving footage. So jealous… The video was great!

  126. As others have pointed out, awesome video and great teamwork! I generally fish alone, but seeing this makes me wish I had a fishing buddy to share experiences with.

  127. Awesome videos! Orvis makes the best of everything for fly fishing by their codes aren’t the best. Renzetti vices. Orvis everything else. Wish I could marry you company!!!!!

  128. The moment I pressed play, I became absorbed once again with the passion and acceleration of beauty and power that nature provides us unconditionally. Its not only the precious gift at the end of our lines that we seek to satisfy our crave of conquering such an elusive fish, Its every step…every cast…every stumble….every mountain of rock, and finally the adrenalin rush that slowly runs out of your veins when you hold that trophy in your trembling hands.

  129. Great video, love fishing Steelhead up in Erie on the fly. Now I just need to get my daughter into it as well.

  130. Couldn’t agree more. Nothing like fishing with a friend for the safety and being able to experience the same things. A genuinely awesome video

  131. Beautiful, breathtaking.
    What can I say? That’s a great video and a great catch.
    Well narrated and beautifully filmed.
    Gotta cut this short….. need to go fishing now.

  132. Thank you for bringing me to the tug. What I really liked about this video was the comraderie it showed and to remind us all that fishing can be shared. It’s nice to see them using each other as spotters and not just separating on the river! I hope to catch my first steelhead this winter of the Great Lakes!

  133. Fantastic scenery! Amazing that the rod didn’t break in that manoeuvre over the cliff, through branches and trees, must have been an Orvis rod

  134. My favorite person to fish with is my big brother. We were both born in NH & lived in VT for the better part of our lives, he’s in Idaho now. Just ’cause a kitten was born in the oven doesn’t make ’em biscuits – that’s what Uncle Reg once said. What a beautiful video, thanks for sharing, I hope I win so I can take my equipment to Idaho and let my brother try some new things, we tie our own flies & match the hatch. Fly fishing is the only way to go.
    Bruce Roppe
    @quailmaster on Instagram

  135. What a great Video it shows the magic of fly fishing in a awesome stunning way this Video was made with passion an awesome fishing skills

  136. Just caught my first steelhead this weekend and watch this video makes me want to catch more! Awesome job!

  137. Awesome video, really captured similar feelings I have about being on the water with a buddy. I hope to take my first steelhead trip in a few weeks.

  138. Love the vid. Can’t wait to get at the chrome in early December. Wish I could do it for a living

  139. I have watched more than a few of these videos to help me learn how to cast (and not look like an idiot). I have a couple of friends who throw around Orvis rods, while I’m stuck with a hand-me-down from my friend’s dad’s brother that looks like it came from wal-mart. I would desperately like to take fly-fishing more seriously, and be taken more seriously when I do. Help a brother out Orvis, I’m good for it.

  140. Such a sweet video. I’m loving the videos on The Tug as well these get me pumped to go back out and fish.

  141. Great video, makes me want to hit the Connecticut river (My go-to spot for salmon). I also love the fact you guys are giving people like myself the opportunity to get a Helios 2 (something well out of my budget). I recently bought an Encounter outfit (I switch between the Encounter-II reel and a 3-TAND TF-40 depending on the waters) and I can’t describe how much I love it. Cheers!

  142. Catching fish may be the goal, but it’s not the point. Great videos I especially love the steelhead one since I’m from Oregon. Reminds me of home

  143. Awesome. This has been a life dream! With my new H2, my sons and I can make it happen 😉
    Pick ME!!!!!

  144. “there are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot”, A.L. – this is great footage that reminds us fly fisherman why we fit into the latter. looking forward to more videos.

  145. I could spend all day watching videos such as this – being at work is what saves me from doing so. I can’t wait for my opportunity to spend the day seeking out a steelhead – beautiful fish, beautiful scenery, and beautiful fishing with great friends.

  146. I just got the best eliptical work out at home while watching this! 😉 There is nothing like the adrenaline from that first tug. Loved the part where he handed the rod to his friend and they tag teamed down the river. The Tug. Amazing. thanks!

  147. Something about untouched water without any footprints gets the blooding pumping! Great videos.

  148. Mighty Mouse Alaska video gives a new meaning to “Schwinging” a fly. Great video that put one more thing on my bucket list… Thanks!

  149. Outstanding in every way. It seems Orvis have totally dedicated themselves to reach the top of the market by achieving the perfect product.I will be looking to buy my first fly rod next year.My friends have talked me into 10′ #6 rod which i will be using for trout/grayling.Keep up the good work.Brilliant video,great viewing…….. S&F, jimmy.

  150. Awesome team work! It’s always great having a buddy come fishing with you. Thanks for the awesome videos, keep them coming!!

  151. Great – The Tug is a great pastime when the wind is blowing 30 plus and my hands are sore from tying four days in a row! Keep it up!

  152. The fight at 9:00 is incredible! I can’t believe they landed that steelhead after going over the cliff and back under that log! Great video as well. Hands down one of the best videos I’ve seen about steel. DREAM DESTINATION!

  153. The guys at Catch Magazine do such a great job, thanks for an awesome video.

    The Tug looks great as well!!

  154. Sometimes it takes a team to bring in a memorable fish. Awesome work on landing the beast and shooting the experience!

  155. Beautiful film! Shows the beauty of nature and the comradery of so often takes team work to land a salmon or steel head.

  156. Great video! I am limited on the number of cold water fisheries nearby. But videos like this really make you want to get out and experience what fly fishing has to offer.

  157. It is true, just being on the water is a wonderful time. Even when you don’t catch anything. Great video!

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